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My name is Jaro, and I am a photographer. This is my portfolio, both on, as well as @ambifokus on Steem. This site, and the Steem account are now going to be the permanent home for my photography. For everything else, see @gamer00 on Steem.

A little bit about me.

My knack is in nature photography, although I do shoot many things.

Pet photography
Pet photography

My least successful photos have always been portraits. But animals on the other hand make handsome subjects.

I love the seasons. Winter is my favourite.


Food can make an impression too.


Sometimes I just shoot things.

Product shoots

…or places…


Did I mention that I like trees?


Sometimes I discover myself making portraits.

Mono portrait of my elder son, Leo

But in the end I tend to find myself back in the nature. There’s always something magical about birds.

Definitely birds

That concludes my short representation. I hope I can see you here again.