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What’s up? / Mitä kuuluu?

I ran into problems with I was just finished filling the information on the new tokenization of an NFT, and clicked on the “Issue token” button. The page reloaded, nothing happened. I checked my collection, (sometimes it takes a few seconds for the token to come visible) but this time I didn’t see anything appear in my collection. I thought maybe it just didn’t go through, and tried again. This time I noticed the amount of HIVE in my wallet had gone down by the tokenization price, alas there’s still no new NFT in my collection.

Checking the transactions on Hive-engine I see that the two transactions did go through:

So I am now 10 HIVE in the negative. This is not a good look. I hope we can solve this issue soon. I tried contacting the @Lensy team on discord, and on Twitter, but have not gotten a reply yet.

Well. Here’s the picture though, I hope we can get it active on Lensy soon:

(Ei suomeksi tällä kertaa… Lensyssä jotain ongelmia.)

See you again tomorrow! // Nähdään taas huomenna!