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I don't really know mushrooms very well, but they are kind of beautiful and exciting anyway.

En oikeastaan tunne sieniä kovin hyvin, mutta ne ovat silti jotensakin kauniita ja jännittäviä.

We are approaching the end of this little project of mine. I wonder how you liked it. Now that we are almost done, I'll be soon posting the collection of photos I took in the shadows a few days ago.

Lähestymme pian tämän pikku projektini loppua. Mietinpä mitä piditte siitä. Nyt kun olemme melkein valmiita, tulen pian julkaisemaan kokoelman muutama päivä sitten varjossa ottamiani kuvia.

This photo can be found as an NFT on

Löydät tämän NFT-kuvan Lensystä. (Linkki yllä.)

Good night and see you tomorrow!
Hyvää yötä, nähdään huomenissa!

What’s up? / Mitä kuuluu?

I ran into problems with I was just finished filling the information on the new tokenization of an NFT, and clicked on the “Issue token” button. The page reloaded, nothing happened. I checked my collection, (sometimes it takes a few seconds for the token to come visible) but this time I didn’t see anything appear in my collection. I thought maybe it just didn’t go through, and tried again. This time I noticed the amount of HIVE in my wallet had gone down by the tokenization price, alas there’s still no new NFT in my collection.

Checking the transactions on Hive-engine I see that the two transactions did go through:

So I am now 10 HIVE in the negative. This is not a good look. I hope we can solve this issue soon. I tried contacting the @Lensy team on discord, and on Twitter, but have not gotten a reply yet.

Well. Here’s the picture though, I hope we can get it active on Lensy soon:

(Ei suomeksi tällä kertaa… Lensyssä jotain ongelmia.)

See you again tomorrow! // Nähdään taas huomenna!