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Hey again! // Hei taas!

This time I spent a part of the day walking in the forest, taking photographs.

Tällä kertaa vietin osan päivästä kävellen metsässä kuvia napsien.

It was a nice cloudy but luminous morning, but I made an error of judgment, and stayed on Twitter instead of taking the chance and go shoot pictures right away. By noon, the sun was already shinining in a clear sky.

Aamulla oli hieno pilvinen, mutta valoisa ilma, mutta tein virhearvion, ja vietin aamupäiväni Twitterissä, sen sijaan, että olisin heti mennyt kuvaamaan. Keskipäivän aikoihin aurinko paistoi jo kirkkaalta taivaalta.

Going into the forest, I saw a couple of jackrabbits, but wasn’t quick enough to dig out my camera from my backpack to take photos of them. The birds were sleeping, as it was midday.

Metsään mennessäni näin pari rusakkoa, mutten ollut tarpeeksi nopea kaivaessani kameraani repusta, kuvia saadakseni. Linnutkin olivat nukkumassa, keskipäivä kun oli.

So I took photos of these cute little fungi.

Otin siis kuvia pienistä söpöistä sienistä.

Most of the mushrooms I saw had grown old. There were no chantarelles. I would like to teach my dog to find them.

Useimmat sienistä olivat jo menneet vanhoiksi. Kanttarelleja ei ollut. Haluaisin opettaa koirani etsimään niitä.

Arc de triomphe

The mossy roots created all sorts of interesting shapes on the forest floor. This was one of them.

Sammaleiset juuret olivat luoneet mielenkiintoisia muotoja metsänpohjaan. Yllä yksi niistä.

Lingonberries were ripe. But there were only three.

Puolukat olivat kypsiä, mutta niitä oli vain kolme.

This concludes my photos for today. See you again soon! // Siinä olikin kaikki tällä erää. Nähdään pian!

I’ve been busy creating newly minted #NFTs out from my extensive 10+ year back catalog of photographs. The idea is, that I scourge my hard drives for any and all candidates for good art, and make them “work for me”. I am also expanding my RedBubble -gallery.

Olen viimeaikoina luonut hiki hatussa uusia tokenisoituja (NFT) taideteoksia 10+ vuoden aikana otetuista kuvistani. Ideana on, että kävisin kaikki kovalevyni läpi, etsien sieltä parhaat kandidaatit hyviin taidekuviin, ja laittaa ne “työskentelemään puolestani”. Olen samalla laajennellut omaa RedBubble -galleriaani.

Here are my latest NFTs on Lensy // Viimeisimmät NFT:ni Lensyssä:

Rose hips in the autumn (monochrome), (colour version), (landscape)
Storm branch spiral (art)

More will be coming soon.

Laitan lisää kuvia pian.

See ya! // Nähdään!

The Piano Pavilion

I think it was a nice trip to the harbour today. After much of worrying that I wouldn’t get any photos done today because of it getting dark earlier, I still managed to get some good photos in the harbour in the afternoon, with my vintage Super Carenar MC f=35 1:2.8 lens.

Round Pier


After creating the first post here, I got a bit stuck inspiration-wise, and my life was also a hassle, so I didn’t have much time to spare for the site.

Anyhow, I added some new pages to the site. More accurately, I created separate portfolio and gallery sections, and an about page. (I still have to edit the about page a bit I think.)

I also did away with the Envira gallery plugin, as it was proprietary, and I am a zealous FOSS advocate, so it really had to go. Instead, I now use the Simplest gallery plugin that as far as I know, is GPL.

Strawberry and chocolate cake

The images you see on this post were all added into their respectable gallery pages; Nature, Pets, People, Food, Products and Landscapes.

Product photo studio shoot with kit lens. Subject: Canon EF-S 10-18mm IS STM lens.
Product photo studio shoot done with a kit lens.

It took me quite a while to figure out how to make the galleries to work. Now that they finally do, I realized some of the earlier photos I uploaded had been resized to 1500px max, and that doesn’t do. So I might have to re-upload all earlier photos in a larger format.

Little feet

You might be wondering what software I use for my retouching. Unlike conventional wisdom would say, it is not Lightroom, nor is it Photoshop. Like I said earlier in this post, I prefer working with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), so I chose a software called Darktable.


I think Darktable is easily one of the best darkroom/lighttable software there is. Even Lightroom should be scared, because Darktable is, and always will be free. And Open Source, meaning that if you are a coder, you can study and research the source code, learn how it ticks, tweak and modify it, and contribute to the “final product” that constantly keeps on getting better.

Here, on my blog I plan to post my photos, and discuss photography, equipment, cheap and accessible (free) photography related software, and much more. Every now and then I may post a video on editing photos, some basics of photography.

Selling prints is not out of the question either.


Tell me what you think of the site, and if there is something you’d like to see here. Is there something I need to fix? I guess one can become blind to their own shortcomings, so there may still be some rough edges. I would be glad if you could point them out.

Into the fog
Frost flowers in the sand.
A person sitting on a beach in the fog

With these, I bid thee farewell. Until we see each other again!

P.s. I seemed to have problems with the Steempress plugin. It didn’t want to post this to Steem.


My name is Jaro, and I am a photographer. This is my portfolio, both on, as well as @ambifokus on Steem. This site, and the Steem account are now going to be the permanent home for my photography. For everything else, see @gamer00 on Steem.

A little bit about me.

My knack is in nature photography, although I do shoot many things.

Pet photography
Pet photography

My least successful photos have always been portraits. But animals on the other hand make handsome subjects.

I love the seasons. Winter is my favourite.


Food can make an impression too.


Sometimes I just shoot things.

Product shoots

…or places…


Did I mention that I like trees?


Sometimes I discover myself making portraits.

Mono portrait of my elder son, Leo

But in the end I tend to find myself back in the nature. There’s always something magical about birds.

Definitely birds

That concludes my short representation. I hope I can see you here again.