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During my 10 years of shooting, this is my first time actually taking a photo with three actual studio lights.

Until today, I’ve been using only one flash, some reflectors (like walls and white cardboard sheets) and occasionally some industrial flood lights.

This time I have 3 actual softboxes in addition to my old flash.

I’ll be posting more photos when I get the gist of it, but in the meantime, here’s a photo of Ninnu, my dog:


I love Ninnu as she is so easy-going whenever I ask her to do a shoot. She’s the perfect model.

I guess it isn’t really a secret, but as a portrait photographer I suck when it comes to shooting people, however I do love shooting animals, and find them very forgiving when it comes to taking their pictures.

Now that I’ve got access to studio lighting, I will eventually be able to take my pet and product photography to the next level. Good thing, that.

See you!